Don’t Get Stuck – Get Rescued!

Welcome!  We are a full-service real estate consulting firm, offering a range of services supporting income property acquisition, rehab, ownership and rental.

Are you interested in owning an income-producing property, having it managed for you, or renting one of our well-appointed properties?  Then keep reading…

Consulting Partner

At REO-Rescue, we act in the capacity of a fiduciary partner for your real estate project.  We offer a cafeteria-style menu of consultative services to assist you with your real estate project, from start to finish.

We can advise you on every aspect of ownership, from acquisition through repair to rental or resale.  We have the experience and the resources to provide you with as much participation as you need.

Property Rescue

We know that sinking feeling you get when you realize that your rehab job isn’t going to get done in time or at the cost that your provider quoted.  Mistakes happen, especially with inexperienced providers.

We’re here to help you of of the mess.  You may be a little anxious about the state of things, and you may even have an investor breathing down your neck.  We can help get you back on track and get the job done.

Disaster Recovery

U.S. homeowners face housing disasters every day, from large-scale natural disasters such as Louisiana’s Hurricane Isaac in 2012 to localized problems such as Nashville’s 2010 floods.

These problems can seem insurmountable from many aspects; not the least of which is who to call to get the process started.  Disasters typically affect many house systems, requiring multiple repair providers.

Turn-Key Ownership

You know that property ownership is one of the best hedges against inflation, as long as the property is purchased properly.  You also know that now is the best time in history to acquire at deep discounts.

So how do you get started?  What if the property is available for pennies on the dollar but requires extensive repair?  You know when to buy (now), but do you know how or where to buy?